Erityisen innostavia asioita juuri nyt:

1. The Gentlewoman -lehti

En ole vielä päässyt tutustumaan korkeimman omakätisesti, mutta lukemani päätoimittaja Penny Martinin haastattelut lupaavat  tästä Fantastic Manin sisarlehdestä paljon. (Lainaukset Hint Magazine ja PonyStep, korostukset minun.) Eläköön journalistinen kunnianhimo, myös "tyylilehdistössä"!


"The Gentlewoman is much more about reinvention than copying. It’s about looking at what Fantastic Man has made, and working out which bits speak best to women. Eventually it became clear that men talk to men in a very different way than women talk to women. What we needed to do was invent a voice, to come up with editorial strategies that allow women to talk as they actually do."

"Am I the woman referred to in the title? No. The magazine is about taking pleasure in other women. But if being a gentlewoman is being upbeat, optimistic, interested in the world around you, liking other women and loving fashion, then yes, I probably share some of those qualities."

"The title isn't "The Gentle Woman", it's The Gentlewoman. We're interested in the intelligent, stylish, modern women of the present day, not in notions of gentility or decorum. Besides, I wouldn't say a scurrilous past or outrageous personal life necessarily excludes someone from being a gentlewoman. In terms of the magazine, it's a question of how it's presented. There's a great interview with the artist Anna Blessman in our first issue about "Modern Intimacy," for example. It's far more exciting to read between the lines of what she says about relationships with pets or nakedness in public than to read a blow-by-blow account of some tawdry encounter or other."

"We currently have a Web 1.0-style holding page that I rather love, after all the Flash front pages, blogs and UGC attractors I've had to deal with in my time working online. We wanted to first get the content and tone of the magazine right before thinking about other platforms. People talk a lot about the tactility of The Gentlewoman and I must say, after having been "virtual" for nearly a decade, I've really enjoyed luxuriating in that. But yes, I'm thinking about how modern women engage with online and social networking a lot just now. It's quite a challenge to do it well."

"Personally I find it really easy to fall in love with women who aren’t constructs, women who are trying really hard. These are the women that break my heart. Passive, cool women, women that dropped from the sky perfect - they don’t interest me particularly."

2. Esimerkilliset vanhemmat ihmiset:

a)JAMES (kuvat The Streethearts)


b)Lenita Airisto Bettina S:n haastattelussa. Ihailen Lenitan feminismiä, solidaarisuutta, NAURUA ja ruikuttamattomuutta, esimerkiksi suhteessa lapsettomuuteen. Ja kuka muu voi yhdistää shokkipinkin housupuvun ja oranssin pitsineulehuivin ja näyttää hillittömän upealta? Seitsemänkymppisenä.

3. Kate Bushin lailla tanssiminen, mieluiten harmaassa trikoossa. Tosin nahkashortsitkin menettelevät, kuten lauantaina Tim Sweeneyn (kuvassa vas.) soittaessa...