"The café was full of students, dressed mostly with aggressive political untidiness - the men in sailor's sweaters and stained baggy trousers, the girls in ill-fitting jumpers, skirts held visibly together with safety-pins and carelessly knotted gaudy gipsy scarves. The proprietress was smoking a cigar. The boy who acted as a waiter lounged about with a cigarette between his lips and slapped customers on the back when taking their orders.



It was all thoroughly sham and gay and jolly: you couldn't help feeling at home, immediately."

(Christopher Isherwood,  A Berlin Diary (Winter 1932-3)/Goodbye to Berlin)


(Venäläisen matruusin puuvillapaita, jollaisesta olen haaveillut pikkutytöstä asti, armeijan ylijäämäkaupasta Torstrasselta, siinä melko lähellä Rosa-Luxemburg-Platzin metroasemaa. Olkapäällä paljetti/ketju-härpäke täältä "mun huudeilta", Boxhagener Strassen pikkuisesta galleria/shopista Box32.)