Luin Ann Demeulemeesterin pari vuotta vanhan haastattelun A Blogista, ja koin hiljaista onnea. Siksi, että jossain kirjoitetaan ja julkaistaan intohimoisia, asiantuntevia juttuja muodin luojista, ja siksi, että Ann ajattelee mm. näin:

"Like any romantic, Demeulemeester is wooed by human imperfection – her jackets are asymmetric, the hems of her T-shirts uneven, shirt seams twisted. “I don’t want my clothes to be perfect, because human beings are not perfect. I want to put a soul in a garment. You can meet somebody in one of my jackets and it can look a bit wrong, but also human and beautiful. Cutting nonchalance into a garment is delicate work. If it’s too obvious, it looks fake. Balancing the garment is a painstaking task, because you have to keep in mind how the clothes move."" 

"Demeulemeester has been designing for over 20 years, and her work has a clearly marked trajectory. “I stay faithful to my own style,” she says. “It’s interesting to have strong individual voices in fashion. I do not switch every season from this to that – I would be betraying my own label.” Although Demeulemeester adores a blank canvas (an artist’s ground zero), she isn’t one herself. “I aim to construct an individual style from one collection to the next. Each collection tells a different story. Yet, the Ann Demeulemeester style is clear. Whatever we want to express, we do so within our own aesthetic. This enables our clients to gradually construct their wardrobe. You can wear something from 10 years ago with something from today, and it will work, because the soul is the same.”"

“My clients buy my clothes not because they are trendy, but because they understand them. This communication through clothes is beautiful. It’s what I started in fashion for.”

"Demeulemeester detests the idea that femininity is automatically equated with prissiness. She makes women’s footwear wider, so it’s comfortable. “Are we modern, or are we old-fashioned? We are still fixated on the idea that women have tiny feet. Things don’t have to be that way. I can make a perfectly elegant pump, but it will be comfortable.”

Lighting up her Kent cigarette, Demeulemeester talks of passion, emotion, and of the visceral impact of art. Oscar Wilde once declared, “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art.” Demeulemeester fully subscribes to this notion. Indomitable in her philosophy of creating from the heart, she fashions her own world, tailored of moody, romantic clothing, rendered in black and white, and as close to art as fashion can get."

"I don’t consider my clothes androgynous at all. There is tension in human beings between the feminine and the masculine elements, and that is intriguing. I am not saying that I like masculine women or feminine men. I believe these elements are intertwined in everyone. Possessing something aggressive and fragile creates a contrast, and if I succeed in putting that contrast into a garment, it comes to life. Some say that putting a woman in trousers, a vest, and boots is androgynous. I don’t feel that way. I don’t put men in skirts, but I have put men in pink trousers or a jacket with flowers, which are not classic men’s items. I think that fragility in men is beautiful. It’s not for everyone, but I like different men. I always make collections where there is a choice in sensibility, something that my father, my husband, and my son can wear. I try to stay close to human beings. I want to make beautiful and wearable garments."

Onnellistuttava oli myös sunnuntai-Flow'n Caribou-keikka. (Ainakin niinä hetkinä, kun laulaja malttoi. Mä olen tätä myöten täynnä 2000-luvun ensimmäisen vuosikymmenen "indie"-kliseistä ärsyttävintä, muka sielukkaasti ujeltavaa naukumista...)